Entry #1

A start

2009-10-15 06:22:42 by JustinRink

Well, I'm glad to say I have started my New Grounds account today! It has been good so far. I put up my game demo called Love College and I'm pretty happy with the turn out. I knew from the beginning that is wasn't going to jump to the top of the charts, but It has done better then I thought it would. I did get a one bad comment. I found it a bit harsh, but everyone has their own point of view and likes as well as dislikes. I am currently finding new music to switch out with the kind of music the people didn't like. I fixed a typo someone found as well. I am also combining the title and menu screen into the game file. I didn't know I couldn't upload a game in sections. So maybe I will get that done before work tomorrow.


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